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Log file and a summary.
« on: January 27, 2004, 01:16:19 PM »
It would be nice if the information in the logging window also could be directed to a file.

When Yahoo stops the connection you get a lot of "invalid page" lines which fill the log-window. It would be good if PG-offline stopped when Yahoo stops the communication.

I want to see how many messages that was transfered, what time it took and if everything was ok. A summary with downloaded messages, errors, start time and duration would be perfect.

There seems to be many conditions which gives the diagnosis "invalid page". Perhaps it would be possible to show more information when it happens.


Wilson Logan

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Re:Log file and a summary.
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2004, 05:33:22 PM »

 Yes, I agree, logging to a text file would be good.

 To see what messages are missing you can do a database check from File--> Check Database Integrity.

The 5 'normal' invalid page message reasons are below.

With 1) We could tell you that you're accessing a non-english language group but we can only add that warning in a new version & the problem only happens in versions prior to 2.0.153
Ditto 5)

For 2) & 4) I think we could determine whats going on & for 3) we definitely could.

I'll add explanatory messages functionality to the log file.



1.  You are trying to download messages from a non-english language group using a version prior to 2.0.153.  
 A patch is available here
2.  You have entered your login details incorrectly and PG Offline cannot sign you into Yahoo.
3.  You have non-alphanumeric characters (like ?,$,%,&) in your password or username.
4. The group moderator has chosen to archive off earlier messages and these messages are no longer available.  
 You need to look at the group online & determine what the first actual available message is & then put that into the 'Start download from message #' field in the 'Group Settings' option. This can be found by highlighting the group in question & then choosing 'Groups' from the main menu.
5.  You may be running a version of PG Offline lower than 2.0.130.
 A patch is available to upgrade from version 126, 127, 128 to the latest version here.
If you have a version before 126 you should download and install the full latest version of PG Offline which is available here  


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