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Minor update 4.0.869
« on: December 02, 2016, 04:23:40 AM »

This release solves some niggly issues.  I always hated that the Person list wasn't sorted by default. It annoyed me that there was no filter box for Person finding.

 The addition of a date filter for message searching is a no brainer.

 We added an Export button to the main menu because some people had difficulty finding it in the context menu (when you right click on a group name)

 Now, this new feature (suggested by a lady who used my Facebook Groups downloading service) is a cracker:

 "Include whole subject in result"

 What that does is instead of just giving you the one message with the searched item in it, if you choose this option it gives you all the messages of the whole subject.  Nice if you need that contextual information.




Resolved in this release:

Issue 111: Find Person default sort alphabetic (resolved r869)
Issue 109: Add Export button to main ribbon (resolved r869)
Issue 108: Add auto suggestion box for Person to Search (resolved r869)
Issue 107: Add option "Include whole subject in result" to PGO Search (r869)
Issue 106: Add date filter to PGO Search (resolved r869)


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